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Here are some examples of feedback from clients. Do you have feedback to share? If so, I'd love to hear from you - just complete the form on the Contact Page.

“Ada is an expert in energy healing and multidimensional kinesiology. She’s professional and personable. Her expertise is grounded in modern science, yet she is highly knowledgeable and respectful of traditional healing philosophies. Ada offers highly valuable, integrated healing for body, mind and spirit to people in all walks of life. I highly recommend her."
Monica, San Francisco
“I am still processing so much after our last session – maybe your work should come with a warning label! Ha ha! Oh, my goodness – my life has been turned inside out and upside down! It’s amazing really; your work seems to align one with one’s greater good and then whatever doesn’t fit within that context after you’ve done it, just gets wiped away! You wouldn’t believe what I’ve cleared and cleaned up in my life – some easily and others more painfully, but all of it necessary and very good. Kudos to you and your work- everyone I know who sees you is very happy and pleased with the results they’re getting – me included!"
Monica, Scottsdale
“Ada is an amazing personal, life balance and health coach, and energy practitioner. I’ve known and worked with Ada for over 8 years. She has an extraordinary gift to inspire and motivate others with her expertise and cutting edge techniques in integrating body, mind and spirit. Her work is transformational. Ada is a blessing and I highly recommend her.”
Gary, Sun City

“Since I started working with Ada, my life got back to order. She helped me find stable ground under my feet so that I could become a stronger, more confident person. Every time I go through difficult times in my life, she helps me recuperate and find my inner peace. I cannot thank her enough!”

Petra, Vancouver

“Ada's experience and expertise in holistic cancer healing contributed to my surviving and thriving advanced breast cancer. She referred me to a naturopath who was pivotal in pulling all of the needed modalities together. These modalities supported the healthy tissues in my body while sending the diseased tissue onto their next phase of evolution - outside of my body. We integrated energy work with allopathic chemotherapy. I loved this peaceful approach without all of the war metaphors! I especially value Ada's skill in supporting me to address core emotional issues to facilitate my healing. I am so grateful!”
Jenny, Arizona

"Thanks, Ada!  Thanks for always believing in me. Thanks for helping me remember that I am not broken. Thanks for reminding me of my wholeness. Thanks for showing me and guiding me thru what I don't understand. Thanks for courageously living your truth as it inspires me to do the same!"

Irene, San Francisco

I want to thank you for the help you’ve given me thus far. You have built up my confidence and calmed my anxiety and emotions. After my first session with you, my depression was lessened as if a wet jacket had been lifted off of my shoulders and the dark clouds dispersed. You are a miracle worker and have accomplished so much more, so much faster than any therapist I have ever been to for depression – without medication!”
Janet, Tempe
“I went to Ada with a variety of challenges that involved constant depression, anxiety and being stuck in my life. Through just a few sessions, I have been able to take some monumental steps to transform my life and rid myself of numerous negative emotions that I have had for years. Her significant insights and the depth of her skills have made a measurable impact, allowing me to live my life with increasing levels of awareness and effectiveness. I found Ada to be a highly competent, results-oriented healer with a great deal of integrity. She’ll go out of her way to help others and I strongly recommend her services to anyone that wants to enhance and expand their life. It is impossible to fully put into words, all that she has done for me.”
William, Scottsdale
“I love the tools you taught me to release blockages and repetitive behaviors that don’t serve me well. I find myself in awe of the tools I have received and I have every intention to use them effectively for the good of all, including myself.”
Prindha, Durban
“I have to tell you how much better I feel! I have been stuck for 2-3 years in trying to be the person I want to be. I have wanted to take the leap I am taking for years, but just didn’t, couldn’t, or something stopped me from completing it.  With me coming into alignment, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! I feel like I have passion and energy again! Thank you!”
Sharon, Tucson
“I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely vibration in which Ada presents her work. You are passionate about your work and it shows!”
Julie,  Mpumalanga
“I just wanted to make sure that you know how much you helped me shift. My life feels totally different. I am absolutely in awe how beautiful and easy life is. Everything is in a flow and things manifest all around me in a way that I would have never imagined… it was a dramatic, consciousness-expanding experience.”
Petra, Cape Town
“I met Ada Porat about ten years ago. Since that time, I have repeatedly consulted her on many different issues that Life has presented me. She has always impressed me with her accuracy and wisdom! She has assisted me in keeping in the flow of life. Thank you, Ada!”
Virginia, Houston
“Ever since the first time you worked with me, my hemorrhoids have not flared up even once! It used to flare up every four or five months (or even more often sometimes) and thanks to your great work I haven’t had any recurrence! Also, my troubling stomach aches went away about a day or two after we worked on that as well – thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so awesome with the spiritual work you do and I am blessed to have you in my life.”
Sharon J., Mesa
“I have come to the realization that Divinity exists in all beings and that we can access it in this dimension whenever we choose. Thank you for facilitating this personal development and growth for me.”
Tarrin, Cape Town
“Just to let you know that whatever you did yesterday in our session had very positive results. After leaving, I noticed that I was standing up straight, walking normally, and the usual full-body aches and stiffness were greatly reduced. Today, once again I was walking using a normal stride – something I have not been able to do for the past two years. So Ada, “thank you” seems to come up short but I truly mean it. Thank you!”
Peter, Glendale
“I send this e-mail with great gratitude for the wonderful healing session I experienced last week. Every cell, every gene in my body feels totally rejuvenated and I feel free to now carry on my life purpose… your energy is amazing, wonderful and awesome.”
Sandy, South Africa
“I cannot express the joy and comfort that one feels after a treatment from you. Thank you, dear one, for your wonderful gifts.”
Felecia, Los Angeles
“For nine years, I had issues where my lower back goes out and incapacitates me for 2-3 weeks. Recently, I was brushing my teeth and when I straightened up, my lower back went into a spasm. I was immobilized. I immediately called Ada and was able to get in the next day. She cleared the emotional root of the problem and relieved my pain during that session. By the next morning I was 97% back to normal – what a relief! NEVER before have I had such a quick recovery and restored mobility. It was miraculous to be back on my feet so fast! Thanks, Ada!”
Sharon M., Queen Creek
“I was diagnosed with a torn and detached retina by a doctor who is a retina specialist. He said that I needed surgery right away and wanted to do surgery that same day. Instead, I decided to go to Ada for energy healing first. After she worked on the eye, she suggested that I get a second opinion to determine the condition of my eye. I got a second opinion with a retina specialist and after a thorough exam, he found that my eye had completely healed!”
Ruth, Phoenix
“Perhaps the most significant session for my daily life was the session Ada shifted me past the mother/child control issue I had been unable to resolve with my daughter. After that session, I felt literally transformed. It shifted me in all my relationships and I am now ready, finally, for a love relationship of my own. I knew with each session, I had shifted past whatever issue we were addressing… Spirit has always assured us that during this transition time, we would be given techniques and healers like Ada to assist us in clearing, releasing, shifting in a gentle, subtle and instantaneous way.”
Ava, Portland


“The level of service at Stillpoint Holistic Services is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by your professionalism and results-oriented approach. Thank you!”
Irene, San Diego