An Integrated Approach

My approach to natural healing differs from traditional life coaching and healing therapies in a number of important ways. These differences offer you significant, measurable results while greatly increasing effectiveness.

This holistic body-mind-spirit approach dovetails beautifully with other modalities because it supports your body’s innate tendency to return to homeostasis or balance. It complements the work you may already be doing with your physician, naturopath, chiropractor, psychologist or acupuncturist.

Other professionals regularly refer patients to me because they have seen first-hand the benefit of using energy kinesiology to clear subconscious blockages underlying surface symptoms, so patients can shift and heal.

Integration of Holistic Therapies

My approach to healing and coaching grew from a lifetime of successful adaption – to new cultures, life transitions, circumstances and challenges. I've learned that just as one swallow does not make a summer, one modality cannot fix every problem. My own passion for life-long learning has led me to continue expanding the range of modalities I use.

I supplement life balance coaching with energy healing to identify and release blockages at core levels. Likewise, my healing practice draws on life coaching and pastoral counseling skills to offer a comprehensive support that includes practical action steps for moving toward healthier habits.

This integrated approach benefits clients in many ways. Experience has taught me that there is no “one size fits all” answer in working with people. Each person's unique needs are best met by combining proven approaches into an integrated treatment protocol.

Over the years, I have developed a keen eye for best practices to incorporate into my work. By tailoring the treatment approach to your unique needs, we enhance the effectiveness of each session.

Healing For Body, Mind And Spirit

In Western society, we are trained to live in our minds; to practice mind over matter. We set our minds on a goal and then expect the body to comply.


Well, what do you do when it doesn’t?

Do you know why the body does not comply? More importantly, do you know what your symptoms are trying to tell you?

When we ignore symptoms – the language of the body – we are ignoring the body’s cry for balance. Over time, lack of balance can escalate to a growing sense of dis-ease in our lives and disease in our bodies.

As a holistic therapist, I recognize that you are a spiritual being living in a physical body, and that your body, mind, and spirit can provide us with valuable clues about what is happening at various levels of your life.

By teaching you how to include your body, mind and spirit in the healing process, you'll tune into your body’s wisdom for daily living. By accessing the subconscious processes of the mind, I'll show you how to recognize and release limiting beliefs so you can align with your core values. And by facilitating your soul's evolution, I'll empower you to realize your highest potential.

As you learn to tap into your innate wisdom, you’ll discover a greater capacity to be mindful in the present moment, maintain inner equilibrium and make clear decisions. You'll marvel at how your outer life is transformed by your growing inner balance and personal development!

Treating Disturbances at Their Core

Most healing and personal transformation modalities treat symptoms. The approach I use allows us to remove the root causes underlying symptoms.

Energy healing is based on the scientific principle that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. Every disturbance is held in place by an underlying emotional vibrational frequency.


By identifying that core emotion and releasing its discordant frequencies, resonance is restored to body, mind and spirit.

Supporting Evolving Consciousness

I foster expansion of your awareness by removing the obstacles to your evolving consciousness.

You may have heard that sunlight is the best disinfectant. The same is true of consciousness. Focus the light of your conscious awareness on anything – whether an external conflict or painful physical symptom – and that light will re-contextualize and heal whatever is hidden in the shadow.

I believe the path to freedom is also the path of healing at all levels, and healing is facilitated by knowledge.

In our work together, we'll acknowledge the indwelling presence of Spirit in you. I'll combine essential nuggets of wisdom and science into practical, aha-moments for you.

In A Hurry?


Once you’re ready to get your groove back, you may be quite impatient for results – after all, you’ve been stuck, sick or unhappy for long enough already!


I've seen miracles happen in the first session; I have also seen clients go through the motions for months before giving themselves permission to let go of their pain.


Returning to wholeness looks different for every person because of many factors involved: how long you've been struggling with the issue, how much compromise is involved, how vested you are in dreaded or desired outcomes, how willing you are to do the work, and more.


When people ask me how long it will take, I explain it this way:


Imagine being a prisoner who'd been locked up for a very long time, perhaps most of your life. Finally, you are told that you will be released in five or six hours. Would you be willing to wait a few hours longer to get your life back or will you give up, thinking that it is too little, too late?


Every limiting belief, trauma imprint or unresolved conflict you carry with you, imprisons you. It shuts off your life force energy, stymies your creativity and robs you of joy.


By the time you look for support, you want practical results as soon as possible. I accept that.


My commitment is to help address your challenges in the most immediate and pragmatic way.


Are you prepared to invest five or six hours of your life to reclaim your freedom?


I have seen so many miraculous changes in people’s lives after only five or six sessions that I’d like to challenge you:


If you are ready to reclaim your personal freedom and well-being, then make that commitment to yourself and take the first step to freedom – contact me to schedule a session.


Based on my experience with many individuals and issues, I know that if you are willing to do the work, your life can change in five or six sessions!


I commit to focusing on the core issues to help you reclaim your personal freedom and power. I'll help you move through challenges and transitions by teaching you practical ways to empower yourself.

My Commitment To You


  • Warmth and support while holding you accountable.
  • Genuine interest in your life and success.
  • Validation: although personal development and growth IS hard work, you’re not doing it alone.
  • Accountability: I will hold you accountable to the principle of equal energy – doing for yourself as you do for others, and doing for others as you do for you.
  • Bring light to shadow – shining Higher awareness on limitations allows their dissolution so you can move beyond.
  • Sharing my toolbox brimming with proven energy healing, counseling and life coaching tools to help you live your best life.
  • Re-frame or re-contextualize your situation for a fresh look and expanded awareness of options.
  • Humor – because stress is draining while humor lifts weight.
  • Honesty: perhaps the situation is not as bad as you think; perhaps it is worse – either way, I will give you an honest perspective.
  • No judgment. I’ll hear what you’re saying and provide feedback without judgment.
  • Responsibility: I’ll encourage and support you to take absolute responsibility for your own life. No more excuses!
  • Weight Loss For Your Mind: I’ll teach you how to let go of negative internal chatter that keeps you stuck in mediocrity, so you can step into your potential.
  • Smooth Transitions to shift from where you are to where you want to be; or from how you are to how you want your life to be.
  • Fresh options: I’ll offer proven options gleaned from years of professional and personal experience in life transitions, relationships, energy healing and personal development.
  • Experience: Clients often comment on how quickly and effectively I am able to identify core issues. This is not only an academic skill – it is also the product of life experience and being attuned to energy patterns that are often difficult to express in words.

In turn, I will ask you to make a commitment to our work together, because this is not a passive process.


I've never had a client who failed to experience substantial results once they truly commit themselves to do the work.

My Goal Is To Empower You

I believe healers and coaches shouldn’t have tenure. They’re not gurus – they are personal midwives and mentors for life.


When you actively navigate life transitions, adopt new habits and broaden your perspective, you may find you are ready to fly solo for a while.


Some people taper off to tune-up sessions every now and then after completing a major goal; others prefer consistent monthly check-ins to stay focused so they don’t get bogged down.

Think of it as periodic maintenance - like having a haircut or doing a physical checkup. It’s your life, after all – how far do you want to go?

•    To overcome depression
•    Trauma release and EMDR
•    Allergy desensitization
•    Pain management
•    Energy balancing
•    Emotional re-patterning
•    Release fear, phobias, anxiety, or anger
•    Overcome addiction or self-destructive habits
•    To build self-esteem and self-confidence
•    Stop self-sabotage
•    Become fearless
•    Find peace of mind
•    Live consciously
•    Make optimal life decisions
•    Cultivate healthy relationships
•    Balance work and personal life
•    Stress management and relief

•    Looking for more in life



Some people know exactly what they want to work on. Others only have a vague sense that something is wrong.

Whatever the issue that prompts you to take action, we will start from there. We will use it as a springboard to drill down, identify and release the core disturbances at levels of body, mind and spirit.

In other words, we’ll use an integrated approach to naturally restore healing of body, mind and spirit. Every session gives you insight and tools to navigate toward more wholeness and self-empowerment at every level.

Here are some of the reasons people give for choosing to work with me:

That’s quite a list, isn’t it?  As you can see, making a fresh start does not have to be complicated.  We simply start with where you are, and support you from there to where you want to go!

•    Emotional, mental and spiritual healing
•    Release limiting beliefs
•    Process grief, crises and other challenges
•    Eliminate toxic self-talk or relationships
•    For a professional reality check
•    Expand self-awareness and consciousness
•    Explore spirituality
•    Learn how to deal with stress
•    Reconnect to your spiritual core
•    Find direction and purpose in life
•    Desire more inner peace or harmony
•    Restore clarity and focus
•    Learn how to meditate
•    Find or renew life purpose
•    Discover how to be happy
•    Align with your core values
•    Connect with your Higher guidance
•    Regain vitality and joy


Professional grade supplements 

Clients also benefit from the Stillpoint Holistic Services Dispensary, an online partnership with Natural Partners’ NP Script program offering a huge selection of professional-grade nutritional and herbal supplements, all at discounted rates. This Dispensary offers clients 24/7 access to more than 14,000 premium products from over 170 trusted brands to support personal health and well-being. For more information, contact me at 928.251.0455 9-6 PM MST.

A Place for Healing of Body, Mind & Soul

Ready To Move Forward?

You can reinvent yourself. Yes, you can renew... rejuvenate... and heal. Together, we can eliminate the barriers to the life you are meant to live!

You can do it! I’m here to help.

I’d like to invite you to join the thousands of individuals who have found wholeness and fulfillment through this integrated, natural approach to well-being of body, mind and spirit.

To schedule an appointment, call 928.251.0455 from 9 AM - 6 PM MST, or contact me through the Contact Page.