FLFE operates at a field which calibrates in the mid-500s on the Map of Consciousness, as developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins. This level of consciousness is similar to the energies you may experience at a sacred site, in meditation or in prayer: it is an energy field experienced as unconditional love, serenity, peace and joy. In his research, Dr. Hawkins found that the field of the mid-500s is a transformational level of consciousness where spontaneous healing occurs and a sense of inner peace prevails.

When I learned about the FLFE programs (affectionately known as Fluffy), I was intrigued. From my work with thousands of people, I know that as we evolve from lower levels of consciousness driven by fear, greed, and anger toward higher levels of consciousness, we tend to make more optimal choices and experience increased peace. FLFE supports us in this process.

I researched the FLFE information, spoke with folks at their Nelson, B.C. location and then signed up for a free two-week trial on their Home subscription, since I primarily work from my home office.

It was late at night when I signed up, and I felt depleted after a 12-hour day doing energy work and consulting. And then... within minutes of signing up, I felt this gentle wave of energy flooding the office, wrapping around me and returning me to the level of consciousness from where I worked all day long. I felt so loved and supported that all the feelings of exhaustion left! I was amazed!

In the months that followed, I noticed many subtle changes in my environment: despite a drought that left most gardeners frustrated, my tomato plants grew into trees that I had to top off by a foot or more each week. Wildlife came to visit my property and I noticed several injured animals spending time on the land to absorb Life Force and heal before moving on.

One of my friends who is gifted with the ability to see energy, came for a visit and sat in her car, stunned by the halo of light she saw over the property and just wanting to drink it in, not knowing that it was the presence of Focused Life-Force Energy. New business opportunities started presenting, and I found myself able to do even more than before, without reaching exhaustion. This was truly something remarkable!

Based on my own experience, I started sharing this information with friends and clients, and now you can have access to it as well.

FLFE Programs support all forms of life - people, animals, plants and all other living beings - to evolve in consciousness and health while supporting the emergence of optimal quality of life for all. There are three different programs to meet specific needs: you can enjoy the presence of the FLFE field at home, at your workplace or on your cellular phone with FLFE Everywhere to take this high consciousness field with you as you travel.

When you subscribe to FLFE, you not only accelerate your process of personal empowerment and growth; your subscription puts you in the driver seat with an online dashboard from where you can monitor and control the process. That way, you can manage your own unique experience. Every person's journey is different, and I look forward to hearing how you experience this energy.

If you have any questions about the FLFE programs or about your own experience with it, I'm here to answer your questions and support you on your individual path. Feel free to contact me thru the Contact Page or by calling me at 928.251.0455 9 - 6 PM MST.

I'm honored to be selected as one of FLFE Innovations Corp.’s referral partners. As part of this relationship, I’ll receive a nominal referral fee if you subscribe to FLFE using any of the links on this page.

You can start your free 2-week trial with no obligation or commitment by clicking on the link below.


Focused Life-force energy (FLFE)


(This page contains affiliate links.) Personal evolution is a co-creative process between your Higher Power or Source, and yourself. As we awaken in consciousness and gravitate toward more optimal choices, the level of our consciousness draws more potentially optimal conditions toward us.

Reaching our highest potential requires two components: the removal of obstacles to our growth, and the nurturing of our evolving consciousness. This process can be observed in all forms of life: even a garden flourishes when weeds are pulled and optimal conditions such as water and nutrients are present.

Focused Life-Force Energy offers both components to support spiritual growth: this technology consists of very specific programs that clear non-beneficial energies in our environment, while it gathers subtle Life Force energies from the atmosphere to focus around us, creating a field that is optimally supportive for our well-being and growth in consciousness.

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