During times of change, we often experience an instinctive desire to control or direct the process. If we could only control the process, we would feel more comfortable with it – or so we think!

And so, we try to retain a sense of control by attempting to manage the pace, direction and volume of change in our lives. We attempt to shift the unfolding realities of life from one outcome to another to feel more secure. Sadly, these attempts keep us looking at external outcomes for happiness or security, rather than looking within.

Our attempt to control life keeps us identified with the content of the process instead of the context. In so doing, we miss life’s true blessing: the perfection of each moment as it unfolds. There is a more effective way to navigate through change!

Identify With The Contextual Field

One powerful solution for inner peace lies in learning to identify with the contextual field, and not the shifting content, of life. We can choose to focus on the larger picture or context of life, and allow the shifting details of life’s content to flow past us without attachment or aversion. As each wave of probabilities show up, we are free to select which aspects to focus on and which ones to ignore.

When faced with a job change, for instance, you can focus on attracting a new opportunity that would bring you into more alignment with your core values. This choice aligns you with the context of the Field, not the myriad tiny details. Then, allow this contextual focus to bring you specific opportunities to choose from. By identifying with the Field, you can trust the law of resonance to bring you opportunities that are aligned with your intentional focus, and you do not need to micro manage the process.

Really Letting Go

Change can take many forms as we grow into new ways of being, leaving the old behind. We may need to leave behind relationships, jobs, friends, homes or other vestiges of the old that no longer serve us. To really, really let go of the old, there is a certain amount of grief that needs to be acknowledged.

By facing the feelings of loss and grief, we are freed from the ties to circumstances and people we have outgrown, and we are free to move on. It is very important to acknowledge these emotions, for it is in their expression that we find freedom and healing. Emotions that are suppressed never go away – they simply resurface further down to road for us to deal with!

Flying Blind

In shamanic cultures, the bat represents powerful medicine. Bats do not have sight, yet dart about with incredible accuracy and speed because they trust their inner radar. In the chaos of sudden change, it may feel as if you’re flying blind, too. However, this is an opportunity to connect with and trust your inner radar.  When you connect to your inner guidance, flight through the unknown takes you to higher ground.


Flying blind also challenges our preconceived concepts of life. Fear may prompt us to resist change, yet faith calls us to surrender to the process, trusting the Divine guidance within. As soon as we let go, the current of change can carry us to new perspectives with grace and ease.

Turbulence and Cross Currents

From an energy perspective, any choice or action can be observed as a wave form that ripples outward in all directions. In quantum physics, this phenomenon is known as the Lorenzo Effect. Energies we’d set in motion through previous choices may continue to ripple out and back like waves for a while afterwards. As we make new choices, the old and new wave forms can clash, resulting in turbulence known as standing waves, cross currents and even collapsed waves. We may experience the turbulence as mental fog, confusion or overwhelm.

Don’t let this temporary turbulence throw you off course. It’s part of the process of shifting directions! If you can stay focused during change, the temporary turbulence will give way to a new current of greater clarity, ease and understanding.

Remember Why

Overwhelm and confusion only arise when taking our eyes off the goal. When feeling overwhelmed by the process of change, simply bring your focus back to the reasons why you chose change in the first place.

The very nature of change embodies a sense of upheaval. Clashing beliefs, crashing hopes and the looming unknown may bring into question many values you’d blindly accepted before. This is your great opportunity to choose differently. It is a call to revisit your values and to bring your life into higher alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Fine-Tune Your Compass

Each one of us creates our own reality, moment by moment. When we set our intention unwaveringly on reaching our highest potential in life, we become unstoppable. Our very being starts emanating the frequency of what we hold in mind, thereby drawing resonant outcomes to us every moment through our continuous intention.

Is change rocking your world? This is a very appropriate time to ask yourself whether you are living the life you really want. Are you doing what your heart desires, or are you compromising for the security of a job, social status or acceptance? Are you joyful?  Is dissatisfaction nibbling at your bones, causing you to blame others for your circumstances?

Remember, your experience is your choice!

To change your life, you need to change your mind about things first. If life doesn’t serve you well, you can change it! It’s as simple as that.

The more consciously you participate in creating your reality, the more you’ll resonate with the outcomes that follow. Every thought, emotion, fear, desire and choice influences what you attract in life.

If your life doesn’t reflect what you had intended, it is not too late for change. More than 90% of the motivators that drive or sabotage us, are in the subconscious. By clearing out limiting emotions and beliefs from the subconscious, you can pave the way to reach your highest expression of being. This process of fine-tuning and growth is the ultimate gift of change!

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