It’s Called Life Transitions

As humans, we don’t like change because it upsets our equilibrium. The fact is that life is always, continuously changing. If we don’t change, we stagnate and die.

So instead of change, call it something positive – let’s call it life transitions. Like the patterns in a lava lamp that continuously transition from one shape to another in response to heat, we can learn how to flow with grace through the transitions of life in response to the whisper of Spirit in our hearts.

The bottom line is this: feeling stuck or out of balance simply means that you’ve outgrown something about your life. You need to let go of something, change something or reach for something new.

I know this terrain, life transitions. I’ve moved internationally to relocate across continents a number of times, starting anew in vastly different environments over the course of my life. Today, I apply the lessons from those transitions to help others find personal development, physical well-being, balance and joy in their lives.

As a certified kinesiologist, personal life coach and pastoral counselor, I can help you make more effective life transitions. Whether you are looking for improved health, emotional freedom, personal development, peace of mind or abundant living, I can help.

I’ve guided thousands of people through such transitions, and I can guide you through your life transitions in a way that is tailored to your individual needs.

Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck is a non-linear process. One of the tenets of Einstein’s work was his observation that problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness as where they occurred.

The solution to the problem is always found at a higher level. Wayne Dyer more recently popularized this concept with his observation that there is a spiritual solution to every problem.

That’s why I use an integrated body-mind-spirit approach to help you figure out where things got derailed – in your physical health, your relationships, your work, emotional or spiritual life.

Once the pattern and underlying emotions are identified, we can make an appropriate correction; a process that tends to be cyclical and non-linear.

Your participation in the process will give you new insights into your life, purpose and passion.  It will lead to personal development and growth. The process will attune you to higher perspectives of your life so you can align your external reality with your inner truth.

This integrated body-mind-spirit approach facilitates improved well-being, balance and healing at all levels.

Getting You Moving Again

Some people know exactly what the issue is they want to work on. Others only have a vague sense that something is wrong. Either way, making the decision to find support is the first step.

I use an integrated approach and holistic therapies to help you most effectively at levels of body, mind and spirit.

First, I utilize personal life coaching and non-denominational pastoral counseling to get the whole picture of where you are at – the pieces you’re aware of as well as those that you aren’t.

I listen to you, taking note of unexpressed parts, ask specific questions, and then listen to you some more. Together, we discover what needs to happen to restore healing and balance to your life, and set an intention for our work together.


Next, I use my energy healing toolbox to identify the specific nature of the energetic blockages beneath the symptoms or issues presented. I may use energy kinesiology, behavioral kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, EFT, guided visualization, kinesiology muscle testing or other energy healing or holistic therapies to clear blockages from your conscious and subconscious energy field.


Then I help you figure out practical, immediate steps to take so that you can start living from the Higher truth at your core instead of defaulting to old habits and learned behaviors. My goal is for you to leave every session with improved well-being and clear strategies or action items to support your journey of personal development and growth.


To learn more about how this integrated approach for natural healing of body, mind and spirit can benefit you, visit the Services Page.




This website was designed especially for you. I invite you to use it as a friendly resource on your journey of personal development and growth.


When we learn to move beyond limitations, we access our innate power to enjoy the natural flow of life.


Inner awareness offers access to inner power… the power to heal ourselves, to reclaim passion for life and to step into the highest expression of being. With each step we take toward our personal development and healing, we also help heal our world and our relationships with those in it.


May you find clarity, courage and inspiration here! Feel free to browse and if you have any comments or questions, you can contact usthrough the Contact page.

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Life Happens


You may have been coasting along just fine, feeling in charge of your life when wham! – you get hit out of left field by a health crisis, a relationship breakup, a financial setback or a job loss. And even though you may be great at helping others solve their problems, you don’t even know where to begin on your own. You are exhausted, overwhelmed or depressed; you feel fear gnawing at your gut.


Perhaps you are past the initial shock of realizing that life doesn’t come with warranties. It simply happens. You have a vague sense that something needs to change, that the old ways of coping no longer work, yet you have no clue where to start.


Maybe you have tried to start over – again and again, only to find your best efforts undermined by circumstances… including your own self-sabotage. Perhaps you’ve been trying to get unstuck, only to find that when one area releases, another gets bogged down. Your body, mind and emotions just don’t seem to work together anymore. You’re tired and confused.


What’s that all about? Why can’t you do this on your own?


Because you can’t think your way through this challenge.


What’s required is not a linear thinking process. And it’s likely that what you’re focusing on is not even the real problem.

Why You’re Stuck


Over the years, I’ve noticed that people get so involved with the challenges of daily life, they forget who they are and what the big picture is.


I help them step back a bit so they can see themselves and their priorities clearly, understand where they are on their life path, and focus on what they need to do now.


I show them how to let go of harsh self-judgment and how to acknowledge their strengths and gifts. In owning ALL of who they are, they begin to navigate their lives with grace and balance. They learn that there is relief and self-empowerment in owning both their limitations and their brilliance.


The reason smart, hardworking, accomplished people sometimes get stuck is that they try to solve the problem at the wrong level.


I’ve had clients ask for help with migraine headaches or a stifling relationship, when that was actually not the problem. The migraine or conflicted relationship may be symptoms of a deeper issue: unfinished emotional business.


Old, unresolved emotion sets up a negative attractor field, attracting to them similar negative energies. They need to process and release the emotional baggage that collected over time in order to really live.


Once emotional disturbances are resolved, the body can heal, relationships revive and life becomes meaningful again!